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Before you Go

You are preparing to travel to Belgium, and you do not know which documents you need, which vaccinations you have to have, whether you can bring your pet, etc.

In short, you would like a brief checklist of essentials not to be forgotten…

The next few paragraphs provide information about:

  • Passports and Visas

    International law grants States – and therefore Belgium – a great deal of scope when regulating the access of foreigners to their territory and stays by foreigners on their territory.

    There is a substantial difference between staying for less than three months and staying for more than three months. The regulations governing these two types differ in most respects.
    The rules are also different depending on the visitor’s country of origin: Schengen or not, countries which have (or do not have) a specific agreement with Belgium,etc.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has placed all the current regulations on welcoming foreign visitors to Belgium, short stays and residence by such visitors in Belgium online on its website. This site is extremely detailed and can be used to establish which case is applicable to a particular visitor and what documents are necessary for the journey.

Online forms are also provided, including:

visa application form
undertaking to bear costs
medical certificate for foreign worker.

Requests for information on terms and conditions and any visa requirements for foreigners wishing to come to Belgium can be addressed to the:

Service public fédéral Affaires Étrangères
Service des Visas
Rue des Petits Carmes 15, in 1000 Brussels
Tel.: (+32.2) 501.81.11
Fax: (+32.2) 501.38.38

or of course to the Embassies and Consulates-General of Belgium abroad.

  • Vaccinations

Apart from exceptional circumstances, Belgium does not require foreign visitors to have had any particular vaccinations.

However, we do recommend that you check whether you have been vaccinated against tetanus and diphteria, although this is not related to your visit to Belgium.

  • Pets

    The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes a page of information on bringing pets (cats and dogs) into Belgium and the various rules and formalities to be observed in this respect.

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