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Belgium at a glance

Here is all the essential geographical, demographic, climatic and linguistic information for Wallonia and Brussels.


  • Belgium: 30.528 km²
  • Wallonia: 16.844 km²
  • Brussels-Capital region: 162 km²


Number of inhabitants in Belgium: 11 million

In Wallonia: 3.5 million

In Brussels: 1 million

Density of the population: 364 inhabitants/km²


Belgium has 3 official languages:

  • French: in Wallonia and in Brussels.
  • Dutch: spoken in Flanders and by 15% of Brussels's inhabitants.
  • German: in the Eastern Cantons.


Wallonia has 5 provinces and each has a capital:

  • The province of Namur – the city of Namur
  • The province of Liège – the city of Liège
  • The province of Hainaut – the city of Mons
  • The province of Luxembourg – the town of Arlon
  • The province of Walloon Brabant – the town of Wavre


The climate in Belgium is maritime temperate. It is mild and humid.

  • The average temperature in the summer is 20°C
  • The average temperature in winter is 5°C

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