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Persons with Reduced Mobility

The Indice Passe-Partout

You are in a wheelchair, you need a walking stick, you are partially sighted and need the assistance of a guide dog, you are deaf, you are a young mother with a baby carriage, you recently broke your leg... That¿s when things get complicated.

You have a bunch of questions...

Is there an approach ramp?
Are the counters not too high?
Are there benches between the car park and the entrance?
Are the toilets located on the ground floor at the café? ...

The Indice Passe-Partout answers all these questions and can help you organise your trips.

The Indice Passe-Partout is the result of an evaluation on the accessibility of a building that is open to the public. It is a drawing of a key on which 6 icons appear. Below every icon you see a value between 0 and 9, representing the accessibility level of the building. User Guide for the Indice Passe-Partout

© GAMAH - example of the Indice Passe-Partout

In order of appearance on the key, from left to right, these icons have the following meaning:

Unaccompanied wheelchair user
Accompanied wheelchair user
Someone with difficulty walking
Partially sighted person
Someone with a hearing disability
Someone who has difficulties understanding others

Consult GAMAH¿s list => Groupe d'Action pour une Meilleure Accessibilité aux Personnes Handicapées