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Themed cycling itineraries | Routes and itineraries in Wallonia

Do you want to combine cycling and tourism in Wallonia? Dive into the culture, nature and local regional produce of the South of Belgium, thanks to our themed itineraries.

Heritage, history and architecture

The UNESCO route

This 440 km cycling route takes you on a tour of Wallonia’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, in 10 stages, from the cathedral city of Tournai to the coal mine at Blegny.


The Napoléon trail

Following the Napoléon trail in Wallonia for 94 km, you travel from Beaumont to Waterloo via Thuin, Charleroi, Fleurus, Ligny.

This itinerary, which follows in the emperor's footsteps as he set off to confront the British and the Prussians, contains cycle paths.

The "Waterloo 1815" route

This short, 14-km itinerary takes you on a tour of the sights on and around the battlefield of Waterloo, visiting the towns and villages of Braine-l’Alleud, Lasne, Genappe and Waterloo.


A map is available from the Waterloo tourist office.

Waterloo Tourist Office (WATERLOO)

Waterloo Tourist Office
© OPT / Alex Kouprianoff

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The Grouchy trail

This route traces the retreat of French Marshall Grouchy and his army after the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, and his own hollow victory over the Prussians at Wavre at the same time. “La Route Armée Grouchy à Vélo” goes from Wavre to Givet (in France) via Namur and various places linked to this story, and other historic, cultural and natural attractions.

La chaussée romaine Bavay-Tongrès

This ancient 145 km route is a fascinating piece of historic and archaeological heritage. It is possible to ride along it, for example on the 43.5km circuit called “De Gembloux à Ramillies” proposed by Chemins du Rail.

A roadbook is available from

Natural wonders

The Ardennes forests

Through its dynamic website, the cycle network called “Les Forêts d’Ardenne” offers forest-themed holiday packages in the Ardennes region, including circuits for mountain bikes and hybrid or all-purpose bikes, and biking activities in four forested areas: La Grande Forêt de Saint-Hubert, La Grande Forêt d’Anlier, La Forêt du Pays de Chimay and La Forêt de la Semois et de la Houille.

An app allows you to download the routes with GPS tracking, maps, points of interest, places to eat and stay, distances and gradients – a great tool to have at hand when deep in the countryside!

RND - Escape to the Ardennes Forest (SAINT-HUBERT)

RND - Escape to the Ardennes Forest

Do you long to go back to basics? Or need a break? The enormous grounds of the Ardennes Forests are where you need to be in Belgium....

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La Route des Forêts

A circuit of 191 km in La Grande Forêt de Saint-Hubert, in the Ardennes of southern Wallonia, which can be followed by bike and by electric bikes, from various departure points.

You can either travel independently, using a roadbook, or take a holiday package of several days with half-board accommodation, with or without baggage transfer services, organised by the specialist Ardennes trekking association La Maison de la Randonnée – GTA Belgium. or

La Transardennaise en VTT

This 170 km mountain bike (VTT) trek across the southern Ardennes (the Transardennaise Sud VTT) is perfect for all-terrain cyclists in search of nature and tranquillity. The route from La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon can be navigated independently with a roadbook, or with a 2–4 day holiday package, with or without baggage transfer.
NEW: the Transardennaise Nord route, 102 km between Malmedy and La Roche-en-Ardenne.. or

Ride through the heart of the towns, cities and villages of Wallonia

Belgian cycling association Pro Velo offers guided bike tours in Wallonia’s most attractive towns and cities, such as Mons, Liège and Namur – a fun and fascinating way to discover these places on two wheels.
The tours usually range from 15 to 45 km and are accompanied by a guide who will enhance your experience with commentary and anecdotes at various stopping points along the way. or

Tastses, flavours and local regional produce

The Orval route

This a way to discover the lovely Gaume region, in southern Wallonia, in several stages, by means of a 78 km circuit. Its gently sloping plateaux called “cuestas” call for a few steep climbs, but reward you with remarkable views over the surrounding countryside and the famously pretty valley of the River Semois. The highlight is a visit to Orval Abbey, home of the famous and delicious Trappist beer.

The wine route of the Pays de Namur

Ride along unexpected paths as you discover the wines of the Pays de Namur. this trail snakes its 159-km path through the Pays de Namur it passes through no fewer than 12 vineyards. From small producers to professionals, meet passionate people who work tirelessly to promote our local regional produce.

Les circuits champêtres

Ride off to discover the local heritage, the rural landscape and local regional products thanks to Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie.

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